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Brandy Affair

  • Black Tobiano
  • APHA 678,203
  • June 10, 2002
  • 14 hands, 1025 lbs
  • DNA: EE Tt

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    Fancy is a keeper, no doubt. There will never be a price on this mare. We acquired Fancy August 3, 2003. She was raised and trained from start to finish here at A Touch of K.l.a.s.s Paints. Fancy is a steady trail horse, a money earning gaming horse, and a natural team penner! Add in her incredible motherly instincts and you'll never find another horse like her. Fancy is the 2007 Western Connection Game Show Series Youth Reserve Grand Champion. In 2010 she came back into the showpen, fat and out of shape and gave her heart, picking up where she left off. This little mare has been so good to us. She does it all. She is quiet and sensitive, you can neck rein her without any effort, or control her entirely off your legs if you prefer.

    Fancy has given us four beautiful foals to boot. In 2011 she had QT Ima Little Tipsy, a smokey black tobiano filly by QT Tru Shot Of Jac. In 2009 she had One Tuff Bay B, a bay solid filly by Hes To Dun Tuff. In 2007 she had Fantacy Affair, a black tobiano filly by Diamond Unk, a full sister to Fancy's 2006 black tobiano colt DiamondsKlassicAffair.

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    Tuffs Jazzy Jigger

  • Palomino Tobiano
  • APHA 958,251
  • March 18, 2009
  • 14.2 hands, 1025 lbs
  • DNA: ee Crcr T_

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    Jiggy is by Hes To Dun Tuff. Her dam is a dear friend's favorite mare. Jiggy has virtually been in the family forever, coming to us every summer for 30 days of riding since she was 2 years old. Finally, in May 2014, we decided to keep her! Jiggy is a half-brother to our best gelding Hank A Thief aka Romeo. We've owned and trained several horses by Hes To Dun Tuff, including Tuff himself. This is a Wisconsin bred line of horses that really shines for amateur competition and recreational use. These horses love people, love to work, and look great doing it, and Jiggy is no exception! Whether she's going down the trail, or taking a trip into town, this mare will go wherever you point her. She has a heart as gold as her coat, and we love her to pieces!

    Jigger's first ride of 2014 after having 8 months off...Feeling impatient but still well behaved

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    QT Ima Little Tipsy

  • Smokey Black Tobiano
  • APHA 1,002,379
  • April 27, 2011
  • 14.1 hands, 1025 lbs
  • DNA: E_ Crcr T_
  • 5 Panel: Negative

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    Tipsy is out of our favorite mare, Brandy Affair aka Fancy. Tipsy's sire is QT Tru Shot of Jac, the stallion we bought from Washington as a weanling and sold to Canada in 2010. This is our fourth foal out of Fancy and each one seems to be even nicer than the one before. Everything from her rock solid stature to her quiet, trainable mind, Tipsy is exactly we hoped for from Fancy and Chase. Tipsy was started undersaddle in 2014 and had lots of concentrated training in the arena and good trail miles in 2015. This horse hasn't been overworked as a youngster, but she is far more broke than most horses will ever be. We have big hopes for this little mare. Her mom is short, stocky, and dependable. Her dad is athletic and exceptionally talented. This girl is very laid back and easy going. She is super soft and willing, pivots on the forehand, pivots on the haunches, sidepasses, picks up her leads on cue, excellent whoa, super nice back up and patient as the day is long. This mare is very honest and good minded. I like a nice reining foundation on my horses to give them a super nice handle, so that's what I did with Tipsy. It will be interesting to see how her ranch, reining, and roping pedigree will influence her future! Meanwhile, she's not afraid to plod down the trail or play in the arena!

    Tipsy approximately 15 days after coming back to work in 2015

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    QT Riding Dirty

  • Bay Tobiano
  • APHA 1,037,886
  • March 24, 2013
  • 14.2 hands, 900 lbs
  • DNA: E_ A_ T_

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    The Kid is out of Miss Royal Beauty, one of the nicest mares we ever owned. The Kid's sire is Dandy Prints. As per Moonlit Meadows: Ringo has achieved a Superior in Reining in APHA, Working Cow Horse Points, NRHA Money, and several Top 10s both in APHA and Open competition. The Kid's dam was a reining trained, competitive barrel racing and pole bending mare. It's tough to find a mare that rides as nice as that girl did. We miss her dearly, but know she is loved in her new home. Our only hope is The Kid will follow in her mom's hoof prints. With reining in her blood, The Kid is bred to be an athletic peformance horse. She is sweet, loving, and put together right, but she can be as stubborn as the day is long. Although she was lightly started and trail rode in 2015, we're looking forward to getting her going better in 2016 and seeing if she can put that gritty attitude to good use! Barrel racing is our goal for The Kid, as it is with all of our performance bred babies.

    A Touch of K.l.a.s.s. Paints

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