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Oks DOuble Ms Robin
aka Seneca

2001 APHA Sorrel Overo Mare
Started Here and Sold
Sire: AJs Grand Finale
Dam: Ms Double Tuff

One Tuff Bay B
aka Baylee

2009 APHA Bay Solid Mare
Bred Here, Started Here and Sold
Sire: Hes To Dun Tuff
Dam: Brandy Affair

aka Outlaw

2006 Grade Bay Tovero Colt
Stallion Owner
Sire: DNSkippedLeosEightbal
Dam: RC Chiefs Oddysey

Painted Princess
aka Princess

2000 Grade Brown Tobiano Mare

Phantoms Espionage
aka Phantom

2003 Morgan Cross Black Tobiano Gelding
Started Here and Sold

Pocos Stormin Gal
aka Juliet

2005 APHA Grulla Tovero Mare
Sire: Dustins Stormy
Dam: Poco Esteem

Poison Envy
aka Envy

2005 APHA Black Solid Mare
Sire: Ima Classic Herby
Dam: A Tru Joy to Have

Puff Daddy
aka Chaos

2003 Pintaloosa Gelding
Bred Here, Started Here and Sold
Sire: Hanks Lil Hero
Dam: Coco Puff

QT Ima Little Tipsy
aka Tipsy

2011 APHA Smokey Black Tobiano Filly
Bred Here, Raised Here, Started Here, and Currently Own
Sire: QT Tru Shot Of Jac
Dam: Brandy Affair

QT Red Dee To Streke
aka Coyote

2004 APHA Sorrel Tobiano Mare
Started Here and Sold
Sire: Kings Dominoe Man
Dam: Streken On The Bar

QT Riding Dirty
aka The Kid

2013 APHA Bay Tobiano Mare
Bred Here, Raised Here, and Currently Own
Sire: Dandy Prints
Dam: Miss Royal Beauty

QTS Irish Whiskey
aka Whiskey

2005 APHA Bay Tobiano Mare
Sire: QT Shotgun
Dam: Hoses Irish Kathleen

QT Tru Shot Of Jac
aka Chase

2008 APHA Smokey Black Tobiano Stallion
Started Here and Sold
Sire: A Tru Spark Of Rolex
Dam: QT Nifty Deelivery

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