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Hank A Thief

  • Perlino Tobiano
  • APHA 826,546
  • April 28, 2005
  • 15.1 hands, 1050 lbs
  • DNA: Ee Aa CrCr Tt oo

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    To know Romeo is to love him. He is extremely talented, trainable, and easy to work with. They don't get more people loving and willing to please than this guy. We bought Romeo August 30, 2005. He was raised and trained from start to finish here at A Touch of K.l.a.s.s Paints. Romeo is soft, sensitive and responds well to leg cues. He is good on a cow, brave on the trail (won the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge in 2008), runs hard in the barrel arena, stops hard and spins fluidly. The 2009 season was Romeo's first year competing for a full season, he placed 3rd in high point for the year, falling behind two seasoned barrel horses. In 2010 he came back, placing third again for the year against another good bunch of horses, and he missed two shows! The 2011 season was another success, Romeo won high point for the year after missing a show. He has far surprassed our expectations. If you ever have the opportunity to own a Hes To Dun Tuff foal, do not pass it up! We've always felt this way, and now that we have owned Tuff ourselves and several of his offspring, we have no doubt these horses get their minds from him!

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