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Hes To Dun Tuff
APHA 423,498
May 18, 1997
14.3hh, 1025 lbs
Palomino Tobiano
DNA: ee AA Crcr Tt
Sold to Hayburner Haven
Located in Dodgeville, WI

Owning Tuff is a dream come true. We owe a huge Thank You to Al & Tammy Borgen of Classy Paints in Stevens Point, WI for making it possible for us to own this amazing stallion.
Tuff has been sold. View his new home online by clicking here Hayburner Haven Ponies.

Where to start? Tuff has a gorgeous head. His face is very short from eye to muzzle. He has cute little hooked ears. His neck is long and strong, and it ties in to his shoulder perfectly. He has adequate withers, a well muscled topline with a nice short back, and a strong loin. Tuff has a long, powerful hip. He is heavily muscled through the gaskin and forearm. Tuff has strong hocks, short cannon bones, perfectly sloped pasterns and extremely hardy feet. This stallion is very heavy bodied, with a lot of bone, and did I mention excellent feet?
Add to that, his extremely docile temperment. Nothing upsets this horse. He is kind and gentle about everything.
And his movement? Tuff moves so elegantly for such a massive horse, and I'm anxious to find out how he carries himself undersaddle.
Tuff had 30 days professional training undersaddle as a youngster. We have him back undersaddle and he is doing so well. Tuff is highly respectful, and very responsive. He is proving to be a nice quiet riding horse. We are anxious to get him into the showpen so everyone can see what we see in him!

We believe a stallion has to more than prove himself, but his foals have to prove his ability to produce as well. Tuff has a fair amount of foals, 86% of them are colored. He is homozygous agouti, so he will never sire black babies. But Tuff produces more than just a pretty color. He has sired several nice riding horses, and nice producers as well.

A TOUCH OF K.L.A.S.S PAINTS is home to one of Tuff's best sons, Hank A Thief. "Romeo" is an extremely nice riding horse - no nonsense or silly business out of this horse. He loves people, enjoys working, is extremely sane on the trail, and very quick in the arena. Sheza Dun Sugar is another of Tuff's fast foals, and you can find one of his stunning trail riding daughters, Ginger Triple Bar, on the trails in Georgia. Heza Dun Tuff Duster is a big 16 hand son of Tuff's that is going undersaddle well.
Classy Paints own a great producing daughter of Tuff, Tuff Pearl Girl. They have also retained a couple of his other daughters for their broodmare band (including some full sisters to our Romeo).
Tuff has several sons producing foals with all the qualities of their sire. Fabulous heads, strong toplines, excellent bone, hardy feet, beautiful movement, and outstanding dispositions.
Tuff's foals are known for their speed and athletic ability. They all tend to be level headed, well mannered, very responsive, and extremely fond of people. If "pocket ponies" aren't your type, you may not like Tuff's foals.

So, not only is Tuff a great horse himself. He is a great producer, and his offspring are producing equally well!
Now what more could you ask for in a stallion?

Visit the link below to view many of Tuff's beautiful foals. Contact us if you'd like to book a breeding, or just come out to meet him. This horse will absolutely take your breath away...we admired him for 5 years.
I suppose we will be grinning from ear to ear about Tuff for the rest of our lives. One look at him, and you will likely feel the same!


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